Morning Yoga Bliss

IMG_3293Sometimes a great opportunity represents itself in the form of a fly at 05:00 am. This morning I was woken up by one and couldn’t sleep anymore. Sun started to rise, birds were having a beautiful concert and then this little, loud, and very persistent fly was buzzing around my ears and tickling the tip of my nose. Just like he would have come into my bedroom with a mission: to kick me out of the bed and out into the beautiful spring morning.

The image of waking up into the song of a bird would have been a little more peaceful and harmonious way of waking up but probably not so efficient. You might even imagine yourself falling back into the sweet sleep while birds are singing. Their wake up song just might turn into your lullaby. But the buzzing of a fly tends to be such an annoying distraction that you just give up and jump out of the bed. And this morning Indis exactly that and let me tell you, it was worth it!

I drank my morning lemon water drink, took my daily probiotics, rinsed my face with a cold water, got dressed up, packed my toga mat and props and went out into the crispy morning while the rest of my family was still in sweet sleep (I hope the fly left the room after it managed to get me out of the bed and left my husband continue his sleep).

There is a big sports area at the school very near my home where I’ve been planning to organize yoga lessons during this summer. So, since I was already up, I decided to go and do my morning practice there, under the rising sun that painted everything in gold. I enjoyed my practice there more than I’ve ever enjoyed inside my home. It was just so beautiful and peaceful there. The magic of early morning was more tangible outside than inside. I could still see the morning mist in the grass field, listen to the birds singing, hearing the cow bells and their moos somewhere further away and smell the freshness of the air (luckily no disturbing flys or mosquitos where even near me).

And the first thought that came into my mind after I had laid down my yoga was; WHY have I not thought about this before?! I mean could there be a better place to do my yoga practice! So, sometimes even that annoying little fly can have something very important to tell you if you just listen to it instead of let yourself get annoyed by it. Everything has a meaning and purpose in life, and to me, that fly’s purpose was to make me discover this amazing place so that I could experience the harmony and peace of practicing outside in the nature and to take a step closer to one of my dreams: teaching yoga! Thank you for your persistence mr. or ms. Fly!

It was a perfect practice, a perfect moment. After I had finished my practice I found a comfortable spot where to sit, leaning against a wall with the morning sun shining against me and sipping my herbal tea. The only thing that was missing was a proper breakfast. I could’ve sat there for hours enjoying the sun and silence, so next time I will take breakfast with me and have a little morning picnic. After working the body and feeding the soul & mind the body graves some healthy nutrition as well.

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