The Power of Colors

The Purna Yoga Teacher Training I took a few years ago didn’t only change MY life (and career), but it also changed the life of my wardrobe. Its contents used to be pretty dull, cold, and joyless. It was full of black, white and grey. Very industrial colors, with black especially being something that absorbs energy and prevents getting more joy into you. Black clothing makes you look pale and less alive!

These days, it’s a joy (in its every meaning) to open my wardrobe because it is filled with beautiful colors! And, getting to wear all those beautiful colors only adds up to the joy. I feel a lot lighter, happier and more joyful in bright & happy colors than in black.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 16.46.09

This change isthanks to the 21-Day challenge that was given to me during the teacher training. I was challenged to not wear black or other dark colors for 21 days. I took the challenge and never looked back! It was quite ironic actually that this challenge was given to me, because before taking the Yoga Teacher Training, I worked for ten years in a fashion industry. I got fed up with the superficiality and self-centerness of the whole fashion world, and now I was being challenged to think about my clothing for 21 days. This challenge was not about being superficial and feeding my ego, but it was meant to actually make my life, and the people around me, happier by wearing joyful colors.

During the last ten years I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Italy because part of my family lives there. I’ve always loved the colorful houses and blossomig gardens of Italian homes. Those are a JOY to look at. When I lay my eyes on anything that is colorful, whether it be nature, architecture, art, or clothing, I feel an immediate energy boost and a feeling of JOY.

When I look at something that is grey or black, I feel the opposite. Or, I feel nothing. And feeling ‘nothing’ is basically the synonym of being dead. Black clothes were designed for funerals, not to lift our spirits into a higher and more joyful state.

We human beings are part of the nature, and nature is filled with colors. It’s our natural state of being to be surrounded from , and playing a part of, the colorful work of art of nature.

How would you feel if the trees were grey and the flowers were black? Would you feel refreshed and full of energy after a walk in the black&white nature?
I doubt it!

Can you recall the feeling of JOY when after the winter the nature starts to blossom in all possible colors?

How would you feel if you received a black bouquet for your birthday? Would you burst into joy? I would burst into tears!

If you have children, the next time you go shopping for clothes together let them choose the color of their shirt and see what color they choose. Most likely something else than black.

When people are asked what is their favorite color the answer almost never is black.

So, why do we keep building grey buildings, wearing dark colors, and making people work in a setting that doesn’t promote creativity and wellbeing?

Wearing colors is fun! Are you ready to challenge yourself to wear only happy colors for the next 21 Days? I dare you and promise it is worth it!


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