Supported backbend with egg yoga props

Every evening I set my alarm at 5:30-6:00 am so that I could enjoy the peace and calm of the early morning and do my yoga practice.

Every evening I prepare my yoga clothes ready on the dresser so that I would find them easily without having to wake up the rest of the family and brake the calmness of the dawn.

Every evening I set my yoga mat and props on the livingroom floor so that I could easily start my practice.

Every evening I go to bed without knowing whether I get to sleep through the whole night or will my sleep be disturbed one or several times during the night by my kids.

Every evening I do all that without really knowing if I will have the energy to get up early in the morning. But I do it anyway. Why?

Because when I put my intention behind something it will sooner or later manifest in my life. If, on the other hand, I don’t take any action nothing will happen, everything will remain exactly the same.

This applies to everything in life. By making your dreams bigger than the obstacles, being persistent, putting on effort, and cultivating trust you can achieve great things!

My dream to practice yoga in the morning might be small but the desire behind the dream and the positive effects it brings, makes it big for me, and therefore, something worth pursuing.

yoga setup
Being a mom means accepting the fact that many things are out of my control, and sleepless nights are one of those things. The course of the night depends on the position of the moon and stars, air pressure, what was for dinner, how much TV they watched, did they get enough fresh air. Sometimes the night can be ruined just because one of the kids is snoring so loud that the other one wakes up in the darkness of the night and thinks there is a monster in the room. Sometimes it is a nightmare that interrups their, and my, sleep. It could be something as small and harmless as a night butterly gently sweeping their cheek that makes them scream from terror waking up half of the building. I mean, you got the point, anything can happen that is out of my power and control.

It has not been easy to arrive to this level of acceptance. I could’ve just give up after the first few nights of total hassle and a lack of sleep, but I didn’t. Giving up wouldn’t have taken me anywhere, but persistently continuing to work towards something that is important to me, will eventually bring fruit. It’s better to go to sleep every single evening with the mindset that at 6am I will wake up and enjoy a peaceful morning yoga practice even tho the chances are that only a fraction of the mornings I will actually get to do that. One morning yoga practice in a week is more than no morning yoga practice at all.

No mountain is grand enough to give up without trying

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