All three of us together enjoying the beauty and silence of the nature and allowing us to be lost in our own thoughts and connecting with our inner life ❤

The theme of dreaming and imagining has been very strongly present in my life, lately. I’ve found myself dreaming, and believing in my dreams, a lot. My daughter is very interested in this topic and the magic behind it, so our conversations are often related to this. I also watched a beautiful movie called “The Greatest Showman” with my husband a week ago. I loved this movie and the message it transmitted. I felt very empowered after the movie and was able to relate to the main character’s enthusiasm and perseverance. If you have not it this movie yet, I strongly recommend that you do. It just might take you a little closer to your own dreams and inspire you to go towards them.

I was talking about imagination with my daughter one evening, and it made me think about the whole concept more profoundly. My daughter said to me: mom, now I know what imagination means. We were talking in Finnish and imagination in Finnish is “mielikuvitus”, which, freely translated, means mind picturing. My daughter explained imagination like this: “when I have my mind in my head, and I take a picture with my eyes, that picture goes into my head and becomes imagination” = mind picturing. I found this explanation very adorable.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” -Carl Sagan

When I was a child I got used to long road trips. I spent all my holidays at my grandparents who lived 600 kilometers from my home. Twice a year I would sit 8 hours in a train or car and watch the sceneries changing outside the window like in a sped up film. Back in the days, often the best entertainment was to just look out of the window and dream. One might think it’s boring, but I really loved to be just in my own thoughts! It was very empowering because it gave me the feeling that anything be possible. In my dreamworld, I got to be whoever and whatever I wanted to be, without anyone else having a say in that. Without anyone or anything affecting on the outcome of my life in my perfect dreamworld. I created it!  

This is something that has stayed with me. Often, when I am sitting in a bus, train, car, or airplane, I actually put my phone down so that I could be a moment with my own thoughts and dream a little. I love to be just with my own thoughts, desires, and dreams that my vivid imagination paints in front of my eyes. That’s the best kind of entertainment! The younger version of me did not yet understand what those dreams actually meant, where they came from, and that I could actually have all that if I just kept dreaming and believing in myself. Later in life I learned that the dreams were projections of my true self. The dreams I kept dreaming over and over again, the dreams that made me feel good and happy, the dreams that gave my skin goosebumps, and made my eyes cry tears of joy, were the purpose of my life. 

“Men suffer more from imagining too little than too much.” -P.T. Barnum

Yesterday I was in a car with my daughter and again we were talking about dreams and imagination. She told me that she has three dreams: 1. She wants to fly 2. She wants there to be summer all the time 3. she wants to live in a house full of water. These are the three things she has been talking about a lot during the last year or so. Of course her dreams sound pretty impossible to really become true, but in every one of her dreams lies a little seed of her true self. The picture might still be a little blurry but if she keeps dreaming, imagining, and evolving the pictures she takes with her eyes, then some day the picture will be crystal clear and tell more than a thousand words. My job as a mother is to never tell her that hear dreams are impossible, but to encourage her to dream and most importantly to believe not only in her dreams but in herself!

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