I started my journey into essential oils by ordering the Premium Starter Kit that came with this beautiful diffuser and 12 powerful essential oils.

I’m a person who appreciates simplicity in everything: beauty care, cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping, you name it. Less truly is more, and in most cases the best choice for your health and wellness. Just looking at the cleaning and beauty care sections at the supermarkets gives me a headache, and not only from the smell, but from the variety of different products. I’d rather go shopping in places that only have few carefully selected items than tens of hallways with shelves full of different products for the same use. It is not easy to make a conscious and the best choice when there is too much to choose from and it just take so much time! 
Since I got pregnant with my first child, I have been very conscious of what kind of products I use on my skin & hair, when cleaning, washing clothes, and eating. The longer the ingredients list on the product label the more likely I would not buy it, and the more E-codes and words I could hardly pronounce the label contained the more suspicious I would be about the product. 

For over six years I have been using as natural products as I could (easily) find because I didn’t feel comfortable anymore using products I had no idea what they contained and whether the ingredients were safe to use or not. But, I still felt like there has to be a way to create products that are free from all harmful stuff and contain only ingredients that are truly necessary.
I started using essential oils regularly about 10 month ago and I am still amazed how big of an effect these little bottles have had on my life. I have always wondered why different beauty and cleaning products contain so many ingredients and I’ve been asking myself: are all those ingredients really necessary? Could those harmful chemicals be avoided? Is there a way to make these products with 100% natural and organic ingredients? The answer is a big YES! 

After starting to use essential oils I have changed almost all of my beauty, cleaning, and washing products into homemade 100% natural ones. I used to have a different cleaning product for every purpose, now I only have one cleaning product for all purposes and it contains only few, 100% natural, ingredients. 

This is all you need to make your home sparkling clean and smelling great!

I don’t use any hair conditioner or styling products. After washing my hair I apply homemade hair serum on my damp hair before drying it and my hair has never looked and felt more shiny and healthy. 

On my skin I use only organic sesame seed oil, argan oil, or almond oil mixed with essential oils and my skins is as soft as a baby’s butt.

Make your own moisturising body oil by adding 4 drops lavender, 4 drops copaiba, and 4 drops frankincense essential oils into about 175 ml of organic sesame seed oil.

I make my own lip balm and foot cream by using beeswax, vegetable oils, and  essential oils. And guess what, these work ten times better than the commercial ones, are super easy & fun to make, and contain no chemical yuck! 

My DIY washing detergent is homemade and contains only three or four ingredients. Clothes are as clean as before and they smell amazing! 

When I want to add some extra flavour to my food I drop a drop or two of suitable essential oil and I have just created a delicious & tasty, restaurant grade meal without any artificial food additives. Plus, the food just got an upgrade on the health supporting category. 

Young Living Vitality Essential Oils are actually food supplements and specifically meant for internal use.

Women apply an average of 168 chemicals a day to their bodies just throughsoaps, makeup, shampoos, and hair care products. To me this sounds absolutely crazy and unnecessary. I am so glad I have found a way to cut off the chemical load.  Most of those chemicals are not only completely unnecessary but also potentially harmful for your health. You only need few good ingredients to preserve your healthy, radiant, and youthful look and the home does not need to be loaded with harsh chemicals in order to make it clean. You can prepare as tasty curry or chinese stir fry as your favourite take away by using plenty of spices and a a few drops of 100% natural essential oils.

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