We woke up to a gray and rainy morning today. A weather that gives you a good reason to enjoy the day indoors in your pyjamas doing all sorts of crafty things with the kids. Since our laundry detergent had run out and the laundry room was full of clothes to wash, I decided to set up a little laundry detergent laboratory into our kitchen. My daughter asked me three times what I meant by saying that we are now going to prepare laundry detergents 😂 She wanted to know how it is possible to make it yourself, why I wanted to make it myself and what’s wrong with the one they sell in the shops.

So, why I wanted to make the laundry detergent myself:
1. Because toxic free living is close to my heart. Fewer chemicals = better health for me, my family, and the environment.
2. Because I find being able to create things by myself fascinating, and even more so with a fraction of the ingredients found in the commercial versions and with 0% harmful chemicals. 
3. Because making your own saves you money that you can then spend on something that brings you more wellness 
4. Because DIY projects are fun!

And this is how you too can make your own laundry detergent:
– big handful of marseille soap flakes
– 2 liters of hot distilled water
– 15-25 drops of essential oil (the more essential oil the stronger the scent)
– one tablespoon of baking soda for white clothes laundry detergent .
Mix all together in a glass container. Remember to shake the bottle before pouring the detergent in the laundry detergent dispenser (the detergent gets thicker after it cools down). .

I wish you all happy laundry days 👚 👕 👖 👗


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