Lavender essential oil = the swiss army knife of oils. It has this amazing ability to help your body where ever it needs it the most.

Few weeks ago, at my introduction to essential oils event , all of the participants wanted to know one thing: HOW ESSENTIAL OILS CAN IMPROVE THEIR HEALTH?
There are many ways to answer to that question but after a short reflection, my answer was:
Essential oils are the mean, inspiration, and support for an overall lifetime change. They offer you ways to get rid of the artificial & harmful chemicals in your life and create products that are pure, clean, and from nature. Your home, body, and environment becomes free from toxic material allowing your body, mind, and soul to slowly but surely find the balance they’re always trying to seek.

A drop of lemon in the water doesn’t only make the water taste delicious but it also supports healthy circulatory system and helps the body get rid of toxins.

Essential oils help raise the health of our body functions to support proper health and wellness. Whether you use them topically, aromatically, or internally they help support and regulate our body systems. They are not a quick fix and should not be considered as pharmaceutics. They should be looked at like any other wellness regime we enter into. If you want lasting changes you should use essential oils consistently over a longer period of time. In the end, it’s the lifestyle change that brings the benefits.

By slowly starting to change these little things in your life (which actually play a crucial role in your health and wellbeing) you will become more sensitive to other harmful habits, products, feelings, and actions in your life and before you even notice, you have made a huge improvement towards harmony and health in different aspects of your life.

Orange and peppermint essential oils are my favourite ones to support concentration and help me to stay focused.

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