We all want to become something but before we can successfully become anything we need to become ourselves.

Nothing has changed my life so profoundly as studying to become a yoga teacher. Back in 2017 I immersed in a deep journey of finding my Dharma. One of the tasks given to us at the Purna Yoga 200-hour teacher training was to read a book called ‘The Fire of Love” by one of the greatest yoga teacher’s of the world, Aadil Palkhivala.

Before I read it, I never expected that I would be so profoundly impacted by it. Writing a report on the whats and the hows of it sounds very appropriate now.

As you might have guessed, the book has affected me deeply, and I think it truly magnificent. You can usually say that when, at times, a book feels like it was written for you personally. I have identified myself in many chapters, and the thing as a whole felt as wearing a broken-in pair of pants. Just right.

“The Fire of Love” gave me the tools to apply small yet significant changes to my life, towards to goal of making it more balanced, joyful, and purposeful.

Thanks to its exposition of the core elements of dharma, wisdom, truth, integrity, feeling, respect, balance, bliss, peace, and love, “Fire and Love” allowed me to cement my desire to find and express my true self, and live my dharma. This is something I had wanted to do for a very long time, but I was lacking the confidence and strenght.

The most impacting feature, for me, has been a simple realisation: being more self-conscious and present will lead to a better quality of life. In the past, I have wasted opportunities by living my life as “I am supposed to”. That was the result of poor self-confidence and a lack of trust in my inner voice. I have been so wrapped up into living my life as it was expected of me, that I did not spend any time focusing on what I really wanted. I was not self-conscious, and not present.

The book “Fire and Love” solidified my wish to embark into the journey of meeting my dharma. I have known what my dharma is for a long time, since the age of sixteen or so, despite my ignorance of the word itself. I have always been interested in sports and welfare, but being too immature and inexperienced, I chose what turned out to be the
wrong path. Luckily, even mistakes are a coin with two sides, and one can turn them to one’s own advantage, to learn from them and make better choices in the future.

I focused on business studies, as I thought that would me give better chances to a successful and rewarding career. I completed the studies, graduated, and worked in business administration and related fields for many years.

Unfortunately, that quickly spiraled down into unhappiness, as I felt out of place, something amiss. Never truly enjoying what I was doing, I often felt exhausted, angry, and frustrated.

I lost respect for myself, and found myself in a maze, unable to get out. Sleep was a commodity that was hard to come by, at night, as I feared that I had let my formative years go by and it was now too late to start over. That made me claustrophobic, it smothered me, and I was in sever distraught.

Deep inside me I knew I needed to act on these feelings, but desperation seldom leads to good decisions. Like in a classic textbook example of the sunk cost fallacy, I went as far as signing up for a bookkeeping course, thinking it would made me more employable after my maternity leave. I thought it was the mature, reasonable, adult thing to do.
That was a very impulsive decision, and I realized quickly I had made a mistake.

Before my second maternity leave, the company I was working for faced bankruptcy. That released a spring that had been too long forced coiled, and with time to reflect I came to the conclusion that it was time to follow my intuition and take a risk for once.

Taking the Yoga Teacher Training course was the first step in new chosen path towards finding my dharma. For many years, as a student of yoga, I thought that this was something I really wanted to pursue, but as I finally did it, reading “The Fire of Love” mashed the seed of doubt in my mind down to fine powder.

Thanks to “The Fire of Love”, I have found the courage to get out of my comfort zone, take risks, and jump into the unknown.

Get yourself the book ‘The Fire of Love” from Amazon.

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