Every sunrise is a new opportunity.
Every change is a new opportunity.
Every challenge is a new opportunity.

And oh boy does 2020 have offered us many new opportunities 😂

Even tho things have yet again changed and new challenges have been presented, we can make it and embrace all what the current situation brings us.

As you probably have heard already, Switzerland is entering into a second (light) lockdown starting 22nd of December. This means, that we also have to close the studio and can’t have any live classes. These new restrictions will be valid at least until January 22nd. This, of course, makes me feel sad but we have to adapt to the current circumstances, find the good in the situation and think positively. 

All classes are taught online until further notice.

If you have an abo to my classes, it will be extended for the time of the lockdown. In the meantime, I welcome you to join the classes online with a price of CHF30/class. The ‘yoga for a good night’s sleep class is CHF20. You can pay the Zoom yoga classes with TWINT or bank transfer. Send me a message to sign up to the classes.

You will receive a recording of the class you attended and the recording will be available for you for three days. If you can’t make it to the live stream yoga class you can also purchase the recording and watch it at a time most suitable for you (within the three days time range). 

TWINT: 076 378 9944
Bank transfer: CH82 0900 0000 1524 6404 6

Here’s the Zoom Yoga schedule:

  • MON 19:00-20:15 Prenatal yoga
  • MON 20:45-21:30 Yoga for a good night’s sleep –> FREE class on the 21st of December!
  • TUE 19:00-20:30 Evening yoga
  • WED 09:00-10:15 Gentle Yoga
  • FRI 06:45-08:00 Early bird yoga

No classes on the following dates:

  • 23.12.-27.12.
  • 30.12.-03.01.

I will for sure miss your presence at the studio but I’m hoping to see many of you in Zoom classes. I wish you all a lovely Christmas and a great start for the year 2021! Lets hope for a better 2021 for all of us. 

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and remember to take care and nurture your whole being. Take time for yourself, spend time with your loved ones, take a walk in the nature, or whatever it is that gives you joy and keeps your happy hormones flowing. 

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