The subtle art of arriving.

Did you spend your yesterday on the go or did you enjoy moments of arrival during your day-long journey? Before you read any further ARRIVE in this moment and allow your mind to truly understand what you’re reading. Now, read on 🙂

Every single day offers us countless possibilities to arrive. You don’t need to wait until bedtime to enjoy the relieving feeling of arriving. Laying on your bed after a busy day feels quite blissful but taking short pauses during the day to enjoy the moment allows you to travel through your day without ending up exhausted in your bed in the evening. I even dare to claim that you will remember your day much better when you have taken conscious breaks to acknowledge the present moment because those breaks give your mind a chance to be freed from that constant chaos of your mental activity. Your mind can recharge. And, you will not only remember your day better but you will go to bed feeling more content and satisfied with your day because you’ve had moments of peace, calmness, and focus.

So what is this ‘arriving’ all about? Arriving means ‘I am here’. I have physically and mentally arrived in a certain place or situation. My body, my mind, my senses, and my awareness are in the present moment. What happened before I got here doesn’t pull me back into the past and what should or will happen afterward doesn’t draw me into the future. I am fully present, free of the past and future distractions. I am in the now.

Too often we let those small important moments slip through our fingers just because we are too restless to be still and observe the beauty of the present moment. Oftentimes we live our daily life constantly running physically and mentally from one place or thought to another. Everything else except the present moment seems to be more important even tho past cannot be changed and the future cannot be predicted. What truly matters is the now, what is happening in the now, and how you feel right now. Here’s one example from my own life:

I have made a conscious decision to be fully present when my kids return from school. Instead of playing with my phone, cooking, cleaning, or working I stop whatever I was doing and dedicate my full attention to them for a moment because I really care about how their day at school went. If I continue cleaning or working I will remember that moment as a stressful one because I felt interrupted from what I was doing. If I decide to stop whatever I was doing and for five minutes fully listen to what my kids have to say I will remember that moment being peaceful and pleasant.

Here are a few examples of when to take a mindful moment:

🌄 When you wake up in the morning allow yourself to arrive at the new day before jumping off the bed and starting your daily activities. Check-in with yourself before allowing outer input to flow into your mind.

🥙 When it’s time for lunch arrive at the table and enjoy the moment of nurturing yourself through healthy food without using devices to distract yourself from what matters at that moment = enjoying food

👩‍💻 When the workday is over take a minute to separate work from free time. Mentally depart from work and arrive at me-time.

🧘‍♀️ When you sit on your yoga mat leave your day behind and fully connect with your mind, body, breath, and heart. Arrive.

🌅 When the day comes to an end arrive for the last time before closing your eyes and entering into the dreamland. In the morning start the cycle again.

It’s the journey that matters, not the destination.
If you’re always on the go you’ll never be able to live in the moment. In the end, it’s the mindful moments that will define the outcome of your journey and the meaningfulness of your destination.

Do you take moments to arrive during your day? Any specific moments when you usually stop and pause to arrive? Share in the comments 🙂


Surya Namaskar, a sequence that has been moving human bodies all over the world for over 5000 years! It is perhaps the most ancient series of poses practiced by human beings, which must mean, that there is something pretty powerful in the classical version of the Surya Namaskar.

In my opinion, this sequence is a lifesaver for all people living in our modern society that is based on long hours seated in front of a computer screen. 5000 years ago, or even only 100 years ago, life was naturally moving human bodies in their everyday lives. Nowadays, different kinds of vehicles are moving us from one place to another which drastically reduces the steps taken by our very own feet a day. The less we move our bodies the more tension, aches, and slugginess we experience in our physical form. Regular high and medium intensity level movement helps us to stay healthy and keeps our metabolism active throughout the day. 

Flowing through the Surya Namaskar is like the easily accessible antidote to the disease of inactive life. Practicing this sequence is doable almost anywhere you are and to all fitness levels! All you need is a yoga mat and enough space to lay that mat on the floor. No props, only the symphony of your body, mind, breath, and soul.

I teach the classical version of Surya Namaskar in almost every class because it’s such a powerful sequence that brings great benefits to your whole being. Let’s go through some of the benefits of this ancient sequence.

  1. Strengthens the whole body.
  2. Releases lower back tension. The extension and flexion of the spine stretches and strengthens the lower back.
  3. Opens the hip joints. Sitting on chairs all day tightens and damages the hips. Practicing Surya Namaskar does the opposite: it opens the hip joints in extension and flexion bringing back tier natural movement.
  4. Makes the whole body feel vibrant. The constant strengthening and opening movement of the body, guided by your breath, makes the whole body feel alive!
  5. Brings clarity and focus to the mind. By freeing your body from the tension you free the mind from tension. By strengthening the body you strengthen the mind. By uniting the mind, body, and breath your brain gets stimulated in ways that bring harmony in your whole being.
  6. Frees the breath. The whole sequence moves in one plane; from a backbend to a forward bend. Each backbend opens the chest and the diaphragm making more space for your breath to flow freely. Each forward bend opens the back of your body creating more awareness and space in the back of your lungs.
  7. Helps you to set intentions. Look deep within and find your intention for the day. Then, get on your mat and with each inhalation breath your intention into your whole being, and with each exhalation let go of what is no longer serving you. The more often we repeat a thought the more it becomes a part of who we are, and the more likely it will manifest in our life.
  8. Gives you a good amount of health promoting exercise in a short time. In only five minutes you can flow through a few rounds of Surya Namaskar and start to feel its energizing effects.

Pretty impressive benefits, right? And those are only a few of the key benefits of this unique sequence. I absolutely LOVE Surya Namaskar and couldn’t imagine my life without it. I’m on a mission to introduce this amazing sequence to as many people as I can and to help them make it part of their daily life! This mission has already started a few years ago when I started teaching yoga but on the 31st of January my mission takes one step forward: I will teach a Surya Namaskar online workshop where YOU will learn this sequence step by step and challenge yourself by aiming to practice 27 rounds of the classical version of the Surya Namaskar. Are you in?



Online yoga stormed into our lives with the speed an intensity of a massive wave last year and it looks like it will continue its success story in the year 2021 as well. Practicing yoga online isn’t a new concept, I was taking online yoga classes already 10 years ago, but after Covid-19 put our lives upside down and sort of forced us all to find new ways of working out, online yoga became part of daily life for many of us.

To be honest, at the beginning I was very reluctant to start teaching online mainly because it was new territory and because the style of yoga that I teach is very alignment based so seeing and adjusting my students is an important part of my classes. Through the computer screen, I can’t do hands-on assisting and until I managed to connect my laptop to a big screen I barely was able to even see my students to give more precise verbal corrections. Doing the practice while teaching also offered its own challenge. When I teach at a studio I never do my own practice because I am there for my students. My 100% attention goes to my students so that they can have the best possible experience and evolve in their own practice.

But, as we all know, challenges are there for our growth. If I could choose, I would teach most of my classes offline in a studio but I must say that after turning the challenges into victories I actually like teaching online as well. It’s different but it can be an amazing experience and online yoga classes will be part of my weekly schedule even after I can get back to teaching in a studio. Here are my top six benefits for practicing yoga online:


Since all you need to join a yoga class online is your laptop/smart phone/tablet, you can basically start practicing exactly where you are! No need to travel to the studio and spend time in traffic. You can use that extra time on things that you normally don’t have time to do. Maybe you call a friend with who you haven’t spoken for a long time, spend some quality time with your kids, catch up on work, go for a walk in nature, or whatever you feel like doing. Maybe have a short power nap to boost your energy levels before taking a class.


I’m sure you’ve had that moment right at the end of Shavasana where the teacher asks you, with a soft voice, to start slowly “waking up” but you don’t want to get up just yet. Well, if you’re at home you can just continue resting in Shavasana as long as you like. Besides that amazing benefit, you also don’t have to be carrying your yoga stuff from one place to another. Just get changed in your own home, enjoy the practice, and take a long warm shower afterward. No hurry, no stress, longer-lasting yoga bliss.


This is one of my favorite benefits! I mean how amazing it is that you get to retake the class you attended basically for free!? You pay for one class but actually, you get a few more. The recording will be available to you for three days and during that time you can watch the recording as many times as you want!


If you used to practice yoga once a week now you have the possibility, with the price of one class, to practice yoga at least four times a week! Taking the same class a few times gives you an invaluable opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and better learn the nuances of each asana. Mastering an asana or your practice doesn’t happen overnight or in one class. Practice makes perfect 🙂 As one of my favorite quotes says:

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. -Bruce Lee


Practicing yoga at home by attending an online yoga class helps you to associate your home as a great place to practice yoga. It will be easier for you in the future to start practicing on your own as well and make yoga a part of your daily life. This is a great opportunity to create your own sacred yoga space that is dedicated to your wellbeing. When the space is ready with all the props you need it will be easier for you to get on the mat and start practicing.


Did something unexpected happen and you couldn’t make it to the class? No worries, you will receive the recording of the class and you can watch it & practice with it when it suits the best for you.

Even if you are an advocate for practicing yoga in a studio (just like me) I would say those are pretty valid points to consider especially in times like these when online yoga is our only choice. It’s either that or nothing. I encourage you to give it a try. I will still be there guiding you, holding the virtual space for you, giving as many verbal instructions, and offering corrections as well as I possibly can, and there is always time for questions and answers and connecting with the other students after the class.

If you got interested and would like to give the online thing a chance then please do check out my schedule and sign up for a class. You will not regret it!


So here it is; the moment most of us have been waiting for since March. 2020 is finally in the past and we have entered 2021. The year 2020 might not have been the greatest one in history but I am sure that it has offered something very valuable for each of us. 2020 has challenged us in many unexpected ways forcing us to reevaluate our core values and way of living. Some days it felt so uncomfortable that I had rather withdraw myself from everything and crawled in my winter cave until everything was again back to normal. But what good would that have brought me? Nothing.

In life, change is the only constant. Change takes us away from our comfort zone so that we can grow and it takes us back to the comfort zone where we can enjoy the fruits of our growth.

Everything keeps changing so that something better can be born.

The core message of Yoga is: future suffering can be avoided. We are on this earth to enjoy life no matter what life itself brings us. I’m not saying we don’t have difficult moments, moments of grief and anger, but if we want to live a happy life we need to learn to see the good in every bad. All the difficulties we encounter in life are there to teach us something important and if we allow ourselves to feel all the feelings, go inside, and have faith in ourselves we can make a change towards a better future. Towards less suffering.

Let us treat the changes in our lives as opportunities to learn, grow, and become better. Whether it is small or big, easy or difficult, change is what keeps us vibrant and alive. The easiest and most familiar way for us to experience this is in our physical form. The great B.K.S Iyengar invented the concept of holding the poses (asana) for a longer period of time. Why? Because he realized that it takes us away from our comfort zone and forces us to truly feel what is happening in our body; where do we fight back and resist change and why? When we hold a pose for a longer period of time at some point it becomes uncomfortable and that’s the point where change happens if we don’t give up! Holding a pose and breathing through the uncomfortable sensations builds character!

Change forces us to improve.
Change is what takes us forward in life.

At times change can feel like a step back, but sometimes you need to take a small step back so that you can take a big leap forward. 2020 definitely felt like a huge step back but I am convinced that we as humanity will take even bigger step forward.
Change is always good because it pushes us to learn something new that is essential to our personal growth. What made you grow in 2020? What is it that you would like to take from 2020 to 2021?

Change is the law of nature. Our bodies are in constant change, the seasons change, the weather changes, our feelings keep changing, and we, the people, keep changing. Without change we could not evolve.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” -Lao Tzu

I see every new year like an unwritten chapter in the book of life. That chapter is full of empty pages with each one of them holding unlimited amount of possibilities. Anything can happen and we, each one of us, has the power to make the new year better than the last one. All it requires is a humble mind and an open heart. Let’s step into this new year with humility and power.

We will be working on this concept of change in yoga classes throughout January. Join me to experience change in your physical, mental, and spiritual self and tap into your inner power.


MON 19:00-20:15 Prenatal Yoga

MON 20:45-21:30 Yoga for a good night’s sleep

TUE 19:00-20:30 Evening Yoga

WED 09:00-10:15 Gentle Yoga

FRI 06:45-08:00 Early Bird Yoga

More details & Prices


Every sunrise is a new opportunity.
Every change is a new opportunity.
Every challenge is a new opportunity.

And oh boy does 2020 have offered us many new opportunities 😂

Even tho things have yet again changed and new challenges have been presented, we can make it and embrace all what the current situation brings us.

As you probably have heard already, Switzerland is entering into a second (light) lockdown starting 22nd of December. This means, that we also have to close the studio and can’t have any live classes. These new restrictions will be valid at least until January 22nd. This, of course, makes me feel sad but we have to adapt to the current circumstances, find the good in the situation and think positively. 

All classes are taught online until further notice.

If you have an abo to my classes, it will be extended for the time of the lockdown. In the meantime, I welcome you to join the classes online with a price of CHF30/class. The ‘yoga for a good night’s sleep class is CHF20. You can pay the Zoom yoga classes with TWINT or bank transfer. Send me a message to sign up to the classes.

You will receive a recording of the class you attended and the recording will be available for you for three days. If you can’t make it to the live stream yoga class you can also purchase the recording and watch it at a time most suitable for you (within the three days time range). 

TWINT: 076 378 9944
Bank transfer: CH82 0900 0000 1524 6404 6

Here’s the Zoom Yoga schedule:

  • MON 19:00-20:15 Prenatal yoga
  • MON 20:45-21:30 Yoga for a good night’s sleep –> FREE class on the 21st of December!
  • TUE 19:00-20:30 Evening yoga
  • WED 09:00-10:15 Gentle Yoga
  • FRI 06:45-08:00 Early bird yoga

No classes on the following dates:

  • 23.12.-27.12.
  • 30.12.-03.01.

I will for sure miss your presence at the studio but I’m hoping to see many of you in Zoom classes. I wish you all a lovely Christmas and a great start for the year 2021! Lets hope for a better 2021 for all of us. 

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, and remember to take care and nurture your whole being. Take time for yourself, spend time with your loved ones, take a walk in the nature, or whatever it is that gives you joy and keeps your happy hormones flowing.