Online classes

Yoga, in all its aspects is a deeply transforming and healing practice, and now you have the chance to enjoy the practice in the comfort of your home. I will continue to teach and share the magic of yoga through online classes and workshops so that You can continue practicing, evolving and collecting the fruits of a regular yoga practice despite the current global health crisis. Yoga can be a great tool to deal with the feelings of fear, uncertainty, and stress which is why I want my classes to be available to everyone. Teaching you online with different payment options is my way to support the people during these challenging times.


1. ABO HOLDERS: If you already have an abo to any of my classes you are welcome to use that to pay for the class. When signing up choose ‘Abo holders’ ticket.

2. 75 minute class: CHF 25 / class

3. 60 minutes class: CHF 20 / class

When signing up via Eventbrite you can pay with PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal account you can pay with TWINT (Swiss residents only) or by making a bank transfer. In this case, please send me a message to sign up and to receive the payment instructions.


MONDAYS at 17:00-18:15

ONLINE via Zoom

All levels

Complete, all levels, yoga practice with meditation, breathing, alignment based asana, and lifestyle tips in the comfort of your home!

Price: CHF 25

This class offers you a complete yoga practice that you can do in the comfort of your own home. We will start the class with Heartfull Mediation and breathing to center yourself and bring the mind into focus. Then we move into the asana (yoga poses) practice that is designed to bring greater awareness and energetic flow into the body. The poses are held for a bit longer so that you can build strength and create openness and space in the body while allowing you to fully be present in your practice and feel the effects of the poses. This brings grace and balance into your practice and life. You will also benefit from tips for lifestyle and nutritional choices as well as yogic philosophy.

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TUESDAYS at 17:00-18:15

ONLINE via Zoom

2nd and 3rd trimester

Enjoy your pregnancy! The focus is in supporting the preparation for labour, both physically and mentally.

Price: CHF 25

The focus of this class is in supporting the preparation for labour, both physically and mentally. Through the active poses and deep relaxation techniques, you will gain a deeper and more meaningful experience of the pregnancy, birthing process, and motherhood.

You will learn relaxation and breathing techniques, how to connect with the baby to create a feeling of oneness, how to center yourself, and how to get more energized. Physical movements together with deep breathing will help you do the poses mindfully, with full awareness of the breath.

Every class will start with a meditation session that helps you center yourself and connect with your baby. There will be a balanced flow of active practices and relaxation. The movements are rhythmic and always done pacing with the breath. This allows everyone to do the poses as it is best for their body and baby. All movements are safe and carefully designed.

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MONDAYS at 10:00-11:00

ONLINE via Zoom

2nd and 3rd trimester

Regain your body after pregnancy with pelvic floor exercises and recovery stretches combined with deep breathing and small, slow movements.

Price: CHF 20

Postnatal yoga offers recovery stretches combined with deep breathing and small, slow movements. The importance of postnatal recovery exercise cannot be emphasized enough. These exercises help you to regain posture, close the body after giving birth, prevent stress incontinence and womb prolapse. 
Postnatal yoga supports the adaptation in the physical, mental, and emotional changes and helps to create a positive relations between the mother and the baby.

For the first three months after giving birth, the priority of the class is on realignment of the spine, strengthening the pelvic and back muscles, stabilizing the pelvis and opening the shoulders and chest. Plenty of rest and relaxation is also a key focus at that time. From month three onwards the progression to more “normal” yoga can begin. 

I recommend to start from week four to six after giving birth.

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