Pre -and postnatal yoga


Yoga during pregnancy is one of the safest and most beneficial practices for an expectant mother. Nowadays, the benefits of yoga are widely recognized by midwifes, and yoga is often recommended by the health care professionals as a way to support the well-being of mothers to be, and to prepare them for the birth of their child, both physically and mentally. Especially the breathing practices done in prenatal yoga are praised by many.

Prenatal yoga is all about the symphony of fluid easy movement, deep breathing, meditation & visualisations, and relaxation that prepare you physically and mentally for the birth of your baby. Prenatal yoga offers an unique opportunity to connect with the baby in the womb and create a profound bond with him/her that lasts for a lifetime.

Every class includes long, supported Shavasana where the mother can completely relax, reduce the stress levels, and connect with her baby. Regular relaxation practice has the potential to transfrom how the body and mind respond to stress.

Pregnancy yoga is meant for both, the mother and the baby. It offers lots of opportunity to consciously connect with the baby in the womb and regularly reinforce the feelings of love, acknowledgment, and acceptance. Through the mother’s breath the baby receives oxygen and nutrients and feels comforted by the mother’s slow deep breathing. The baby enjoys the mother’s rhythmic movements and receives a sonic massage through the mother’s voice. The benefits of prenatal yoga go beyond the pregnancy period. When yoga is practiced regularly during pregnancy, the expectant mother improves her health and well-being in the postnatal period as well. Many of the prenatal practices can ease and help to prevent many of the common postnatal problems like diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles), pelvic floor weakness and incontinence, tears and cuts in the pelvic floor during labor, and postpartum depression.

Prenatal yoga prepares the woman for motherhood in many ways and provides a solid ground for new mother’s to blossom during and after pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga focuses on supporting the preparation for labour, both physically and mentally. Through the active poses and deep relaxation techniques, you will gain more profound and meaningful experience of the pregnancy, birthing process, and motherhood.

Prenatal yoga class is the place where you will learn relaxation and breathing techniques, how to connect with the baby to create a feeling of oneness, how to center yourself, and how to get more energized.

Every class includes:

  • meditation & visualisations to center yourself and connect with your baby
  • fluid, practical, and simple movements done with the rhythm of the breath
  • movements that strengthen and open the body
  • pelvic floor exercises
  • breathing exercises
  • guided relaxations
  • time for questions and answers

The next prenatal yoga course is starting in January 2022!

All movements are done with grace, elegance, and dignity and are synchronised with the breath of the mother. Easy & flowing movements naturally deepen and lengthen the breath.

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Pregnancy Yoga with a Beautiful Feeling


“A mother who is able to nurture herself is able not just to love her baby unconditionally but also to perceive and receive her baby’s love” -unknown

Inner strength – inner peace – inner smile.

Becoming a mother, no matter if it’s first, second, or more times, is a life changing experience and the first months with a newborn baby can be intense. During this time it’s easy that the mother puts her own wellbeing aside and concentrates 100% to her baby. While there’s no doubt that babies should receive their mother’s undivided attention, love, and care, it’s as important that the mother takes care of herself as well. When the mother feels loved and cared for she will have more energy to take care of her baby as well. If the body is constantly achy, mind is agitated, mother is under stress, or she feels tired all the time she will eventually have less energy to look after her little one. This is why I feel it is so important to offer a welcoming space for women and their babies where they can focus for a moment on their own wellbeing while their little ones are either resting or included in the practice. Postnatal yoga classes are also a great place to meet other mother’s who are in the same life situation, to share and connect with like minded people.

One of the core principles of postnatal yoga is to ‘mother the mother’. This means that the focus in postnatal classes is to help mothers care for their babies with greater ease, to offer mothers simple techniques to get better rest in short periods and to sleep better between night feeds. Postnatal yoga classes help mothers to regain ownership of their bodies after birth and the pregnancy months.

In postnatal yoga classes we use breathing, movement, balance, and relaxation to allow mother’s body to recover from childbirth to its full potential. It’s all about gentle progression – there’s no rush. Slow progress creates long lasting benefits and a strong foundation for physical and mental wellbeing to flourish. There is a reason why hey say:

Nine months of pregnancy, nine months postnatal.”

Some of the benefits of Postnatal Yoga:

  • strengthening the basic structure of the body through simple practices and micro-movements
  • tones the abdominal muscles in depth for ‘closing the body’ after birth
  • strengthens the pelvic floor muscles
  • promotes relaxation
  • supports postnatal hormonal balance
  • gaining strength and stamina
  • relieves stiffness in the shoulders
  • renewal of energy
  • bonding between mother and baby
  • positive feelings and interaction
  • quietening of the mind

Postnatal yoga class at Plasma Yoga in Zürich is starting in January 2022.