Private Postnatal Classes

The postnatal recovery period is also referred to as the fourth trimester of pregnancy, and it starts right after the birth of the baby. This is the time for transition into motherhood, bonding with your baby and slowly allowing the body to recover from the delivery. During this period, it is essential to give the body plenty of rest so that it can slowly start regaining it’s balance and strength.

Postnatal yoga offers recovery stretches combined with deep breathing and small, slow movements. The importance of postnatal recovery exercise cannot be emphasized enough. These exercises help you to regain posture, close the body after giving birth, prevent stress incontinence and womb prolapse. Postnatal yoga supports the adaptation  in the physical, mental, and emotional changes and helps to create a positive relations between the mother and the baby.


For the first three months after giving birth, the priority of the class is on realignment of the spine, strengthening the pelvic and back muscles, stabilizing the pelvis and opening the shoulders and chest. Plenty of rest and relaxation is also a key focus at that time. From month three onwards the progression to more “normal” yoga can begin. Postnatal exercises are essential for your current well-being but also later in life to avoid incontinence, especially in case of further pregnancies.

In a private, or small group settings, every mother will get the guidance and assistance they deserve on their journey into motherhood. Your specific needs and desires will be addressed more accurately and with time. This creates a solid base for You to regain Your inner and outer strength.

These private classes are suitable for all mothers, and babies up to 9 months. Duration of one class is 60-minutes.

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