Join me for my weekly alignment based Hatha yoga classes to balance & strengthen your body, bring profound calmness into the mind & nervous system, and joy to the heart. All my classes are taught in english. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, all classes are taught online via Zoom until the end of March.

MONDAY 19:00-20:00 Stretch & Strength Yoga, all levels

MONDAY 20:15-21:15 Restorative Yoga, all levels

TUESDAY 19:00-20:30 Evening Yoga, level 2

WEDNESDAY 09:00-10:15 Gentle Yoga, all levels

If you would like to book your space at one of my classes email me at




STRETCH&STRENGTH YOGA Starting March 1st 2021

In this class, you will enjoy effective stretches that create more space in your body and release tensions on areas that are tight while strengthening your body through dynamic postures and flowing sequences. Learn how to use the power of breath to help you stay focused and to enhance the effectiveness of the stretches and strengthening poses. You will become familiar with the key Yoga asanas (poses), the classical Sun Salutation sequence that warms up, opens up, and strengthens the whole body, the hip-opening series, and the morning series that focuses on opening and releasing tension along your spine.


Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing and nourishing practice that is designed to soothe the nervous system, relax muscles, calm the mind, relieve tension in the diaphragm and rib cage, and restore kidney and adrenal function. It is a great practice to relieve physical and mental stress that gets build up in the body.

We begin the class with slow and gentle movement that releases tensions in the body and prepares the body for the restorative poses. The Purna Yoga hip opening series and morning series are often practiced at the beginning of the class.

Restorative yoga class offers an unique opportunity for you to truly be present with yourself, to pay attention to your inner world, and to give yourself and your senses a break from the constant input of the surrounding world.


Experience a deep connection to your mind, body, and heart and move through the asanas (postures) in a safe and effective way. You will enjoy movement guided by the breath, challenge yourself physically and mentally, and restore after a long day.

This class offers you a better understanding of the wholeness of a yoga practice. You get to explore the poses deeper thereby bringing greater awareness and energetic flow into the body. Poses are held for a bit longer so that you have time to feel the poses in you body and bring greater awareness to the areas in the body that are ready to be awakened. This kind of practice brings balance into your practice through the increased sensitivity. This class includes also meditation and applied philosophy to create a complete practice. You will also benefit from tips for lifestyle and nutritional choices.

We will especially focus on opening and strengthening the hips and the legs, freeing tension in the spine, upper back, and diaphragm, and soothing the nervous system.


Enjoy a slow & soothing yoga practice where you can with time move from one pose to another and safely explore what your body needs at that moment. This is a perfect practice for beginners of yoga, seniors, people recovering from an injury or to anyone who is looking for a gentle practice to balance otherwise busy life.