Is an overactive mind, stress, or aches in the body preventing you to have a good quality sleep?

Mental centring meditation technique from Heartfull Meditation created by Savitri is the most powerful technique I know to calm and center the mind.

I’m a mother of two young children, a yoga teacher, an entrepreneur, and a wife who’s daily life oftentimes is rather busy and hectic. I used to sleep very badly mostly because of stress and constant thoughts and worries running through my mind day in day out. It was only until I started to intensively study and practice yoga asana, meditation, and breathing that I managed to calm my brain and my nervous system before going to bed. This made a huge difference in my sleep quality! 

A few years ago, I decided to make a change in my evening routine. I promised myself to put sleep at the top of my priority list simply because I was tired of feeling tired and needing caffeine to keep me going through the day. The biggest and most powerful change was to make the last hour before going to bed as peaceful and pleasant as possible (with small kids this is sometimes easier said than done but we do our best and accept the rest).

Rest and sleep is underrated in our modern society that idolises multitasking, being productive 24/7, and working long hours.

This meant ditching all the distracting things (like browsing the internet, snacking, tv, etc.) and switching them into calming things like a warm shower, oil massage, restorative yoga & stretching, breathing exercises, meditation, and reading a book.

Most of our waking hours we spend by living from the mind. We think, analyze, calculate, communicate, and do most of our daily tasks using the power of the mind. Our minds are constantly active and working towards something or are clinging to something belonging in the past. If we don’t give our minds the chance to rest and recharge we get into trouble. If we let our mind keep running an eternal marathon, it will eventually burn out leaving us lying scattered, paralyzed, and breathless along our journey of life.

When bedtime’s approaching we should avoid strong stimulation and instead, support our nervous system to switch from the fight or flight mode (sympathetic mode) into the rest & digest mode (parasympathetic mode). And here’s where yoga, meditation, and breathing become very helpful tools. In yoga, we have something that will create a response of calmness.

“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.” –Richie Norton

For us to sleep better, our bodies need to settle into a parasympathetic mode where rest and healing can happen. Oftentimes, especially after a busy day, our minds are racing, our breath is fast and shallow, and we might experience aches and pains in the body which can all disturb our sleep.

We need to free our minds from the constant chatter so that we can easily fall asleep and our brain can reset itself during the night. Releasing physical tension, calming the mind, and freeing the breath brings our whole being in a parasympathetic mode and prepares us for a restful night. 

I have created an ONLINE class called ‘Yoga for a good night’s sleep’ that is designed specifically to wind down after an active day. During this 45 minutes class, we will meditate to bring calmness to the mind, learn to breathe fully and deeply, and release bodily tension through specific yoga poses. Especial attention is given to the hips, legs, and spine. This class is suitable for all levels of yogis from complete beginners to more advanced students. The first class is on the 21st of December and as a Christmas present to You, I offer the first class for FREE! Just send me a message if you would like to join and I will send you a Zoom link to join the class. You will learn a powerful yet simple and easy meditation technique to calm your mind, one breathing technique that has the power to take you into the lalaland in no time, and simple stretches and restorative yoga poses to free the body from physical discomfort.

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Heart Full of Dreams

heart full of dreams

A week ago, for the first time in many many years, I went to get a massage. And not just any massage, but a full 90 minute bliss on the table of an energetic masseur.
What brought me into her room was a muscle strain on my left pectoralis muscle, that has been bothering me since last October. What came out of the room was a thoroughly enlightened woman. The whole experience was very powerful and eye opening. After about 20-30 minutes of massaging in total silence, mostly my upper back, the masseur said: “I FEEL YOU HAVE A HEART FULL OF DREAMS AND IDEAS THAT ARE LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT.” I stared at the floor through a small hole with my eyes in delicate tears. That sentence can be true pretty much for any patient, but for me it happened to be spot on! The masseuse had just found:

The reason and consequences of my problem.
The ignored emotions that might be now manifesting as physical pain.
The miscommunication between the heart, mind, and body.
The lost connection to MY truth.

The heavenly massage continued for another 60 or so minutes with occasional sentences like:
I feel there is a lot of confusion.
Denying your dreams will cause you a lot of pain.
Live your dreams through your imagination, picture them with your eyes and feel them with your heart. 
I really needed to hear those words. For me, that massage was a source of inspiration, process towards clarity, and a consolidation for my actions being correct to reach my dreams.

Before the masseuse left me alone to feel the effects of the massage, she held her finger at a tiny spot just about behind my energetic heart and said:

“This is where TRUTH lives. 
Don’t hold back. 
Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love.
Listen to your heart. 
Always.” ❤


The Power of Words

This evening I read a story called “The Invisible Child (Näkymätön Lapsi)” by Tove Jansson to my kids as a bedtime story. It was a beautiful story about a little girl who became invisible because her aunt, who took care of her, was very cold and ironic towards her. Because of this, she became very shy, and in the end, physically invisible and mute. The aunt gave the girl away after she became invisible, fortunately to a nice and loving family. It was the unconditional love that made the little girl come back piece by piece, physically and mentally.

näkymätön lapsi
It was a beautiful reminder of the power of words and the importance of being able, and allowed to, show feelings. The good ones and the bad ones. The story reminded how beautiful words and thoughts makes us blossom like a flower, and how ugly and disrespectful words makes us shrink and loose our identity, making us become invisible and voiceless. The message of the story was that we should all be accepted and cherished the way we are.
heart center river

For example, we are all allowed to be angry. What makes a difference is how others and yourself react to that anger. If you get angry with a child who is angry, the only thing that comes out of the situation is more anger and confusion. But if you listen and accept the child’s anger, you have thepower of transforming that anger into calmness and comfort, and raise an emotionally balanced and strong human being who will blossom and make everyone around them blossom too.

Speaking nicely to other people is important, but speaking nicely to yourself first is crucial! Why? Because if you speak badly about yourself to yourself you will never be able to speak nicely to others. Meditating and connecting with the beautiful feelings in the center of your heart daily (even many times a day) will help you stay connected with your true self and speak from the heart to yourself and to others. Find the feelings of love, joy, and gratitude in the center of your heart and strive to live according to them.