Heart Full of Dreams

heart full of dreams

A week ago, for the first time in many many years, I went to get a massage. And not just any massage, but a full 90 minute bliss on the table of an energetic masseur.
What brought me into her room was a muscle strain on my left pectoralis muscle, that has been bothering me since last October. What came out of the room was a thoroughly enlightened woman. The whole experience was very powerful and eye opening. After about 20-30 minutes of massaging in total silence, mostly my upper back, the masseur said: “I FEEL YOU HAVE A HEART FULL OF DREAMS AND IDEAS THAT ARE LOOKING FOR A WAY OUT.” I stared at the floor through a small hole with my eyes in delicate tears. That sentence can be true pretty much for any patient, but for me it happened to be spot on! The masseuse had just found:

The reason and consequences of my problem.
The ignored emotions that might be now manifesting as physical pain.
The miscommunication between the heart, mind, and body.
The lost connection to MY truth.

The heavenly massage continued for another 60 or so minutes with occasional sentences like:
I feel there is a lot of confusion.
Denying your dreams will cause you a lot of pain.
Live your dreams through your imagination, picture them with your eyes and feel them with your heart. 
I really needed to hear those words. For me, that massage was a source of inspiration, process towards clarity, and a consolidation for my actions being correct to reach my dreams.

Before the masseuse left me alone to feel the effects of the massage, she held her finger at a tiny spot just about behind my energetic heart and said:

“This is where TRUTH lives. 
Don’t hold back. 
Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you love.
Listen to your heart. 
Always.” ❤