“I have the privilege of taking yoga lessons with Tanja Iovene. This woman is phenomenal! She has so much knowledge, a massive heart, she is so empathetic, and holding space for the students. Tanja responds to my needs so that I can explore my body, my breath, and work my mind. When I work with Tanja, I have a feeling of total calm, trust, and focus, at the center while the right action comes through. I have learned so many techniques that I have implemented in my routine and what I noticed is that if I just do exactly what she tells me, I always have amazing results. If you are looking for a yoga program to help you take your health and well-being to the next level, you want to say yes to Tanja’s services.” – Cristina / SAP Consultant

“One year ago I started my yoga experience with Tanja. She is a competent and kind teacher who will always respect your limitations and at the same time asks to challenge them. Finding the perfect balance. It goes without saying that her student‘s wellbeing and joy at class is very important to her. I enjoy her classes and highly recommend her as a yoga teacher.” – Judith / Sustainability and Innovation manager

“I started my yoga experience with Tanja over a year ago when I was 14 weeks pregnant. I enjoyed the prenatal classes very much, Tanja gave a lot of attention to each student. Due to Covid we continued the practice online until the end of the pregnancy. Tanja helped me a lot with staying healthy, active and relaxed during those 9 months. I am very grateful for that. 2 months after my daughter was born I took private postnatal yoga classes with Tanja. Through her professional support I could release a lot of stress, back pain and could also reach a more relaxed state every week. I really enjoyed the classes with Tanja, she is a wonderful person and yoga teacher.” Dora/ marketing manager 

“Thanks Tanja for the great prenatal yoga classes, you are a great teacher! I’ve enjoyed so much starting yoga when I found out I was pregnant. I’ve enjoyed the most connecting with my baby from the early days and doing all those safe and feel good position for the body. I think it is really helpful how you describe the movements so clearly so that even eye closed we can do it right. Thank you and I look forward to more classes in the new year and then come with my little boy for postnatal classes!” – Laura

“Tanja introduced me to Prenatal Yoga and infused me with her passion. Thanks to her teachings, my pregnancy was healthy and I received help in restoring all my balances post-partum. And also, importantly, I found a great friend!” – Alba / Childcare professional

“I really appreciated Tanja’s very specific guidance into the poses – precise, cautious, caring, with full attention to our alignment. That’s in compliance with the yoga style she teaches: Purna Yoga translates to “full” yoga and is a combination of alignment-based, therapeutic yoga practices, which covers poses, breathing, meditation as well as ayurveda and nutrition.” – Florina / Yoga teacher and the founder of The Yoga Studio Guide

“Before finding Tanja I had a steady hip pain. After few months of yoga practice it was gone.  I admire Tanja for her sincere view to every part of our body. Her attention to combining physical poses with breathing is inspiring and bringing high results. Super recommended!” – Toma

“Tanja is an absolute professional. Since I go to her my back problems are gone. Every week I look forward to the course and the profound physical and mental relaxation. The room is beautiful and creates a quiet atmosphere! At the same time I learn a few words of English! ☺” – Jana / bookkeeper

I am so thankful to have found Tanja’s classes. I started Yoga a long time ago and always came back to it but now definitely need to practice daily. It just makes me so happy and thankful. I really love Tanja’s classes; her meditations keep me going every morning, I am enjoying it so much! It makes me feel very grounded and peaceful. Because of Tanja I started my daily meditation practice again. I am so thankful. – Sara Pfaffen