February 28th

From 11:00-13:00 online via Zoom.

All levels

CHF 45 / Early bird price CHF40 valid until February 24th

Hips have a very important role in the health of our entire body. They are designed to bear the weight of the whole upper body and to stabilize it. We need the hips also to support the lower limbs and absorb shock from walking, running, and jumping. Tension, weakness, and imbalance in the hips cause discomfort also in other parts of the body, especially in the lower back.

In this mini workshop we will focus exclusively on the hips by doing a carefully designed practice that balances, opens, and strengthens them. You will learn simple poses that will keep your hips healthy and are easy to incorporate into your daily life.

You will get a handout of the hip opening series so that you can continue practicing these powerful movements at home as well.

This mini workshop is suitable to all levels of practitioners and is helpful to everybody. Many of us engage in activities that shorten the muscles of the hips and legs like sitting, running and cycling, and have postural habits that create imbalance in the hips. This is a workshop that will bring great benefit to most of us!



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