By request. Contact me to book your private birth preparation workshop.

This workshop can be taught at the Lotte Berk Barre studio in Gattikon (Thalwil) or at the student’s home.

Each labour and birth is unique, so why don’t you prepare yourself as a couple for the most important day of your life? In this workshop you will get confidence and tools to learn how to stay active and positively involved during the birth of your baby.

To support the birthing process the pelvis needs to be opened to its maximum to allow the baby to pass through. Ease of movement and certain positions will facilitate this opening with the support of the partner. We will practice different birthing positions and learn how to use the breath effectively and for best results. The couple will be taught how to use sound to stimulate the labour and help to relax. Useful tips for the birthing partner are offered so he can be of natural assistance.

You will gain:

  • Understanding of the baby’s birth journey through the pelvis and the psychosomatic mechanisms for releasing positive birth hormones
  • Ease of movement to make full use of gravity
  • Effective use of breath and sound
  • Relaxing through contractions and between contractions
  • Releasing birthing muscles and perineum to make way for the baby and stretch gently without fear
  • Birthing breathing. Creating a body memory for ‘exhale pushing’, or ‘birthing lightly’ without strain
  • Transforming fear into calm power in the transition to motherhood, using yoga resources to tap into the inner body wisdom accessible to all women.


  • Private for 1 couple, 315 CHF

Contact for more info and to book your workshop.



Challenge yourself! In this workshop you will get to practice 27 rounds of the classical version of Surya Namaskar which is the oldest physical exercise known to humanity! I will tell you all about the history of Surya Namaskar and why it is such an amazing practice for the mind, body, and soul.

Just come and challenge yourself, it will be fun! Nobody is going to judge you if you don’t get through the whole 27 rounds! Maybe you do 12, maybe 20, or maybe 27. Important is that you try and at the same time learn more about yourself. Having the support of the group will help you to reach your goal.

I will instruct the first six rounds and then you continue on your own, flowing with the rhythm of your own breath. When you do the practice by drawing all your senses inwards and allow yourself to be guided by your own breath, the practice becomes like meditation.

You will for sure feel great, energized, and happy afterwards. This sequence is perfect for moving the feelings of stagnation and denseness out of the body and mind. You might also feel hungry afterwards, but no worries, because I will bring some of my delicious choco raw balls and other healthy snacks to fill up your energy storages and nurture your taste buds. 


Take 9 small objects like stones, crystals, etc with you so that it’s easier for you to keep up with how many rounds you’ve done.