Private classes

Deepen your understanding and practice of yoga and learn how it can benefit You, taking into consideration Your specific needs. Private classes are for you whether you want to take your practice into the next level, learn the basics of asana (yoga poses), regain your body after pregnancy or injury, work on a specific area of your body, deepen your understanding of meditation, make yoga a part of your (busy) daily life, or reduce stress in your life. Whatever your need and goal is, we can make it happen!

Here are some of the benefits a private yoga class offers you:

  • If you are a beginner, private class offers you an opportunity to build a foundation in asana, meditation, and breathing so that you are able to join the weekly group yoga classes with confidence.
  • Personal guidance and support to the kind of yoga practice that suits You the best
  • Complete attention of the teacher
  • Faster progress in you practice
  • Work specifically in those areas of your body that you wish to strengthen, open, or heal
  • Truly customised practice that helps you to reach your specific goals
  • Tips and techniques on how yoga can benefit You in different aspects of your life
  • Time for making questions regarding Your yoga practice
  • Tailored sequences and practices so that you can continue practicing at home as well
  • Specific Heartfull Meditation techniques to take your practice beyond the physical form

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, private classes are, without doubt, the best and most efficient way of learning about Yoga and how You can benefit from it in the best possible way. After all, in the old days yoga was only taught one on one.

If you feel like private setting is something that could benefit you, please get in touch and let’s start working on your goals!

“I have the privilege of taking yoga lessons with Tanja Iovene. This woman is phenomenal! She has so much knowledge, a massive heart, she is so empathetic, and holding space for the students. Tanja responds to my needs so that I can explore my body, my breath, and work my mind. When I work with Tanja, I have a feeling of total calm, trust, and focus, at the center while the right action comes through. I have learned so many techniques that I have implemented in my routine and what I noticed is that if I just do exactly what she tells me, I always have amazing results. If you are looking for a yoga program to help you take your health and well-being to the next level, you want to say yes to Tanja’s services.” – Cristina / SAP Consultant