Private classes

Deepen your understanding and practice of yoga and learn how it can benefit You, taking into consideration Your specific needs.

If you are a beginning yoga student, a private class is a good opportunity to learn the basics of the physical, mental, and spiritual yoga practice. After learning the basics and finding out in which areas of your physical, mental or spiritual being you need to work more intensively, you will also get more out of the regular weekly classes.

A private Yoga class offers you:

  • Personal guidance and support to the kind of yoga practice that suits You the best
  • Tips and techniques on how yoga can benefit You in different aspects of your life
  • Time for making questions regarding Your yoga practice
  • Tailored sequences and practices so that you can continue practicing at home as well
  • Specific Heartfull Meditation techniques to

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, private classes are, without doubt, the best and most efficient way of learning about Yoga and how You can benefit from it in the best possible way. After all, in the old days yoga was only taught one on one.

If you feel like private setting is something that could benefit you, please get in touch and I’ll get back to you soon!