Join me for my weekly yoga classes to balance & strengthen your body, bring profound calmness into the mind & nervous system, and joy to the heart. All my classes are taught in english. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, all classes are taught online via Zoom until further notice.


MONDAYS 19:00-20:15

Online via Zoom

2nd & 3rd trimester

All expectant mothers from pregnancy week 14 onwards are welcome to join this class.

The focus of the class is in supporting the preparation for labour, both physically and mentally. Through the active poses and deep relaxation techniques, you will gain a deeper and more meaningful experience of the pregnancy, birthing process, and motherhood. Each pregnancy is unique, which is why each practitioner will be treated as an individual providing personal assistance whenever needed during the class.

You will learn relaxation and breathing techniques, how to connect with the baby to create a feeling of oneness, how to center yourself, and how to get more energized. Physical movements together with deep breathing will help you do the poses mindfully, with full awareness of the breath.

Every class will start with a meditation / breathing exercise session that helps you center yourself and connect with your baby. There will be a balanced flow of active practices and relaxation. The movements are rhythmic and always done pacing with the pace of your own breath. This allows everyone to do the poses as it is best for their body and baby. All movements are safe and carefully designed.

To sign up, send me a message or book your space through Eventbrite


MONDAYS 20:45-21:30

ONLINE via Zoom

All levels

In order for us to sleep better our bodies need to settle into a parasympathetic mode where rest and healing can happen. Oftentimes, especially after a busy day, our minds are racing, our breath is fast and shallow, and we might experience aches and pains in the body which can all disturb our sleep.

We need to free our minds from the constant chatter of the mind so that we can easily fall asleep and our brain can reset itself during the night. Releasing physical tension, calming the mind, and freeing the breath brings our whole being in a parasympathetic mode and prepares us for a restful night. This restorative yoga class is designed specifically to wind down after an active day. During the 45 minutes, we will meditate to bring calmness to the mind, learn to breathe fully and deeply, and release bodily tension through specific yoga poses. Especial attention is given to the hips, legs, and spine. This class is suitable to all level of yogis from complete beginners to a more advanced students.

To sign up, send me a message or book your space through Eventbrite. You can also sign-up by paying with TWINT (works only with swiss phone number) and adding your email address to the message field. My number for TWINT payments is +41 (0)76 378 9944


TUESDAYS 19:00-20:30

Online via Zoom

Level 2

Experience a deep connection to your mind, body, and heart and move through the asanas (postures) in a safe and effective way. You will enjoy movement guided by the breath, challenge yourself physically and mentally, and restore after a long day.

This class offers you a better understanding of the wholeness of a yoga practice. You get to explore the poses deeper thereby bringing greater awareness and energetic flow into the body. Poses are held for a bit longer so that you have time to feel the poses in you body and bring greater awareness to the areas in the body that are ready to be awakened. This kind of practice brings balance into your practice through the increased sensitivity. This class includes also meditation and applied philosophy to create a complete practice. You will also benefit from tips for lifestyle and nutritional choices.

We will especially focus on opening and strengthening the hips and the legs, freeing tension in the spine, upper back, and diaphragm, and soothing the nervous system.

Level 2 class.

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WEDNESDAYS 09:00-10:15

Online via Zoom

All levels

Enjoy a slow & soothing yoga practice where you can with time move from one pose to another and safely explore what your body needs at that moment. This is a perfect practice for beginners of yoga, seniors, people recovering from an injury or to anyone who is looking for a gentle practice to balance otherwise busy life.

Suitable to all levels.

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FRIDAYS 06:45-08:00

Online via Zoom

All levels

During this 75 minutes early morning yoga class, we will first gently wake up the body and then continue to a more vigorous yet safe practice that will prepare you to meet your day energized, focused, and fully alive! The class will start with a balanced practice that opens up the body and brings energy and strength. Breath will give rhythm to all movements, keeping your mind focused and helping you turn inwards.

Early morning is the perfect time to practice Sun Salutations and standing poses, because they give you the energy, grounding, and strength to face whatever challenges might come up during your day.

This class will give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice throughout the whole day!

Suitable to all levels.

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