I started my journey into yoga in 2010, when a friend of mine graduated as a yoga teacher and asked me to attend her classes. I fell in love with it instantly, and have been practicing ever since. In 2015, while expecting my second child, I realised how much more there was to yoga, beyond the physical and bodily health aspects.

After having discovered the Purna Yoga studio in 2016, and having felt very much at home there, I decided to pursue more involvement into yoga by becoming a teacher, and completed the 200-hour teacher training course in February 2017. That Teacher Training was a life changing experience that brought me into this journey of discovering

Who Am I,

Why Am I Here, and

Where am I Going.

These are the three fundamental questions every one of us should be frequently asking ourselves in order to stay on the right track.

To me, yoga is a way of living, and goes far beyond the physical exercise done on the mat. I embrace all aspects of yoga, and strive to make every day a joyful journey. In order to truly be able to shine and feel alive, you need to take care of yourself in many levels.

Daily meditation,

healthy & organic food,

applying the wisdoms of yogic philosophy into day-to-day life and

practicing asana & pranayama

are the key principles on creating a meaningful, joyful, and healthy life.

Yoga has helped me to find my dharma and given me the courage and confidence to follow my dreams. I am living a more peaceful, happy and balanced life than ever before.

And Why is that?

Because I have learned to listen, and most importantly, to trust that gentle little voice that lives in my heart. I’m no longer the puppet whose thoughts and actions are being commanded by other people pulling the strings, but it’s me who is making the puppet to dance, to dance to the beat of the energy of my heart. I believe that we all have a purpose that we are ought to fulfil during our stay on this magnificent planet. When you live your purpose you can genuinely be happy. And that happiness radiates outwards positively affecting not only you, but all the people around you. 

DHARMA to find your own calling.
WISDOM and TRUTH to have the strength to pursue it.
INTEGRITY, FEELING, and RESPECT to reach it the right way.
BALANCE, BLISS, and PEACE to stay the course.
LOVE to unite all the things above and all the things in life.

My approach to teaching is rooted in the belief that freedom in the body creates freedom in the mind. A healthy body frees the passages that connect it to the mind and the heart. It is neither the body nor the mind that should be controlling you, but it is the heart that should be the master and lead your life. My aim as a teacher is to offer my students the tools to connect with their heart so that they could live their Dharma.  Teaching yoga is not only about the physical work, but a great deal of it is about the inner work. Through the physical asanas and meditation you can find your true inner self and learn to be more conscious of yourself, your actions, and your desires. When you have found your calling, the burning desire towards something that gives your life a purpose, and the confidence to fulfil your dreams, your inner and outer appearance changes into true happiness. 

The physical yoga practice serves as a tool to find inner peace and conscience, so that after class you will feel as a whole, and united with your body, mind and soul. You will leave the class with a strong but relaxed body, a peaceful but alert mind that is constantly working towards inner peace and self realisation, and your heart filled with beautiful feelings.

I wish this site to be an inspiring place that helps you to transform your life in a way that you can live it to your greatest potential.